Monday, May 4, 2009

That Obnoxious Talented Bastard Strikes Again [aka 2009 S/S Haute Couture Dior]

Like Balmain Needs Any More Hype...

You Got It, You Got It

The World In Your Hands

Ignore the Douche, Adore the Pooch

Things Were Different Then

Smoke Gets In My Eyes

Little Black Haired Girl, Waiting For Saturday

Tell Him, Sister

Oh Kenny, You Rascall

Oh 'Evil Twin' I do love you .....

I saw Evil Twin stuff in General Pants the other day and had some strange feeling that I myself might have an Evil Twin in Sydney... From reading her blog, I'm a little disturbed by how similar we might just be...

Finally, Technology I Can Use


Teenage Mutant Ninja Torture

Wolves In P-Town

Actual Pen


Givenchy - Flawless


Obesity & Speed

I Might Explode!

iPhone Cupcakes

Danish Madonna

Wrap You Up In My Love

100% Real Squeezable Bacon

Why Are You Wearing That Stupid Man-Suit?


Miranda! ... Miranda!! [Picnic at Hanging Rock]

Brilliance by FcP

Chanel Padding


Too Beautiful


I Want It All