Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Thought

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Movements Between The Silence

By vampire-zombie


The greatest music photographer, director, designer, and art director of all time.

again, again

Things Were Very Different Then

This bed has seen it all,
from the first time to the last,
the silences of now,
and the good times of the past.
And it only cost ten pounds,
from a shop just down the road,
mind you, that was seven years ago,
and things were very different then.

-Jarvis Cocker

La Tristesse Durera [The sadness will continue]

Life has been unfaithful
And it all promised so so much...
I sold my medal, it paid a bill
It sells at market stalls
Parades Milan catwalks
Oh, the sadness will never go
Will never go away
Baby, it's here to stay
La tristesse durera
Scream to a sigh, to a sigh
- Manic Street Preachers