Monday, September 14, 2009

Such a SHAME

I don't actually recall hearing anything about Janice Dickinson while I was growing up. So her insistant claim of being America's first supermodel seemed somewhat suspicious. Whilst she did have an amazing career, there were other equally famous 'supermodels' at the time, most notably Gia Carangi, who many claim to be the first. 'Many' in this case, refers to more that one. It seems Janice is the only one claiming that she was the first but ehhhhh forget about it, she's a crazy bitch anyways.
The sad thing is, that she wasn't always so god-awful. Long before she was all over our 'reality' filled televisions squawking "I eat, breathe and SHIT modelling" ; she was actually quite beautiful.. and dare I say nice looking..

It's a shame that's she's now offically regarded as a plastic surgery nightmare. Although it kind of matches her personality.
Jees Janice, if you wanted a few tips on how to age gracefully, with minimal work done, and still look smokin', you should've turned to Brooke. Sure she's 10 years younger. But she's still got a shit load of hot-years to go....



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