Monday, August 16, 2010

Manic Street Preachers tour Australia!!

I actually can't begin to describe how important this band really is.
Most people remember them for their only 'hit' outside of the UK: 'If You Tolerate This,Your Children Will Be Next' in the late 90s. But in actual fact, this song was released well after the band were in their absolute prime.
More importantly, it was long after the mysterious disappearance of genius lyricist, fake guitarist and depressive dreamboat Richey Edwards in 1995.
The Manics were so important because they mixed the intellectualism and DIY punk of the Clash with the glamour of the New York Dolls, and set it all to the narrative of writers like Sylvia Plath, Harold Pinter, Albert Camus and Bret Easton Ellis. Not to mention a moral backbone of some good ol' Socialist politics.
But they were writing and performing for a new generation than that of their influences. This is is the MTV generation incarnate. The Manics never strayed from 'culture, alienation, boredom and despair'. Their frustration with their peers 'going nowhere fast', spurred them on to inspire others to follow the age old philosophy that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Anyway, the point is, they are finally coming back to Australia AND I HAVE A TICKET!
I highly recommend you do the same, or at least read 'EVERYTHING' by Simon Price, one of the most fascinating biographies you will EVER read.

13.11.10          Brisbane The Hi Fi        
15.11.10        Sydney The Metro        
18.11.10        Adelaide Governor Hindmarsh 
20.11.10        Melbourne The Forum 
22.11.10        Perth Metro Freo 

I leave you with the best video everrrr. THIS IS THEIR PRIME!! THIS IS WHEN I WISH I SAW THEM!!  (when James Dean Bradfield was HOTTTTT)
I especially love this highest rated comment from Youtube on this vid:
"We talked about this song during philosophy class! The teacher explained us that the lyrics are inspired by Nietzsche's philosophy: i.e. "Dionysus against the crucified" refers to the nickname used by Nietzsche in some of his writings (Dionysus) and to his critical attitude towards religion. "Find your truth, face your truth, speak your truth, be your truth" is clearly referred to Nietzsche's nihilism (western culture, its morals, myths, are just lies, you have to find and face the real truth)"

And one of my favourites (When James was even HOTTER! Why oh why did he eat all the pies!?)

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