Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Chicago

I think I've found a potential new home.
I just described it on Facebook as a heavily tattood version of Sesame Street with more potential for drive-bys.
Although I haven't had much time here, I already know that I love it. I get an immediate sense of the 'real America' that everyone keeps preaching about. I get it now, L.A and New York expect you to be from out of town. Everything in those 2 cities is tailored toward that. Chicago is different, although it's probably because I'm only staying/hanging out in Wicker Park and not the city, I haven't heard ONE foreign accent!!  Especially no Australian ones which is a welcome change after being in Santa Monica. Blerrghh.
One thing I really love about Chicago is that nobody is pretending to have money. At least not in this neighbourhood. That's kinda annoyed me about America in the past, they want you to spend spend spend, and get in more debt debt debt like it's a good thing. It ain't like that here, in fact I heard a girl say today "$3 for a soda!? Get the fuck outta here, I'mma give you a buck fifty and you gonna take it mmm hm"


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